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AuthorQuestion on The Changes
Alex Holt

Posts: 77
Joined: 04.12.06

Posted on 25-06-2007 01:01
I've been looking around the new layout here, and there is one thing I cannot seem to find information on:

Before the upgrade, I'd paid the amount to be a full member which guaranteed a place on the final image. However, since the upgrade, the amount of money needed to become a donor is higher (3.50 before which would be approximatly $7, now $10 is the minimum.)

Now I know the money is ultimatly for charity, and I'm not in dire enough straights that I can't afford to expend an extra 1.50 if necessary, however, it does seem a bit unfair if this is the case, to essentially downgrade accounts retroactively in line with inflation - plus I can't seem to find anywhere where it says what kind of account I have to work out the answer.

Anyone know anythign about this?
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AuthorRE: Question on The Changes
Paul Fisher
Super Administrator

Posts: 277
Joined: 25.06.06

Posted on 25-06-2007 08:56
Anyone who has made a donation pre 25 June 2007 has been automatically converted to a project Donor, so they will definately be included in the final exhibit. I'll post some news to make sure that this is 100% clear. Thanks for pointing it out!
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