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AuthorPosting on DA
William Bulmer

Posts: 25
Joined: 12.12.06

Posted on 15-12-2006 05:53
Hi, I was wondering if there are any legal issues with posting my square on DA. I'm aware that I can make a widget, but as far as I can tell, DA will not let me post the widget if I am not a subscriber. However, I can obtain the image using screen capture software. Am I then allowed to submit my square as adeviation on Deviant Art and perhaps give credit where its due to OMM?
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AuthorRE: Posting on DA
Paul Fisher
Super Administrator

Posts: 277
Joined: 25.06.06

Posted on 15-12-2006 09:01
You retain ownership of your own artwork, therefore you can use it anywhere that you'd like to. That said, a link back to the site would be nice smiley
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AuthorRE: Posting on DA
Maggie Keane

Posts: 17
Joined: 17.02.07

Posted on 17-06-2008 05:23
How does one go about posting an image on Youtube?
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