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AuthorPiture in a word

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Joined: 23.01.07

Posted on 10-08-2007 18:31
I just recently got a message from someone about my sqaure and they asked me

"Hi. I've been trying to think of this for soooo long. Ther's a name they call it when you draw something as i looks. ie: The word Fire drawn to look like fire, ice to look like ice, water, etc... Do you know what it's called? It's been driving me crazy. When I saw your drawing I thought you may know the answer. Thanks. "

I acctually do not know what the word is and I tried searching around the internet for it but I just havn't really found it yet.

If anyone knows what it is called that would be a lot of help and I would really appreciate it smiley
AuthorRE: Piture in a word
Sin-Mae Chung
Super Administrator

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Posted on 04-10-2007 11:35
delineation? actually wouldn't have any idea aye. Perhaps looking for similar words in a thesaurus may help?
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AuthorRE: Piture in a word

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Joined: 24.09.07

Posted on 06-10-2007 16:16
dunno. but isn't that like Onomatopoeia, but differentsmiley
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AuthorRE: Piture in a word
Stacey Dirickson
Super Administrator

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Posted on 19-10-2007 16:35
Hey! I might know!
I had an art assignment earlier this year where I was asked to draw out a word in a font that would match its meaning (I was given the word "Broken" so I ...broke the letters.. lol).....I am pretty sure that I can find the art lesson about doing that seeing as I keep all of my old books and assignments....
It might have the name for it in the book, I don't really remember. smiley
I will look for it if I go home for lunch, or later tonight when I get home.

-EDIT 20 October 2007-
I found the book on lettering and it referred to it as "Creative Lettering" but I don't think that is what the person was looking for.....that might give someone something to google for though, lol

I couldn't find the lesson I did for that section of the book, or the lesson planner that told me what to do....if I find it, it might have a technical term for it....
I hope so because now I realllly want to know. XD

Edited by Stacey Dirickson on 20-10-2007 23:06
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AuthorRE: Piture in a word
Benjamin Wirtz

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Joined: 07.12.06

Posted on 29-10-2007 00:24
I tried googling creative lettering it didn't turn much new up, it did give different techniques for doing it though.
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