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AuthorOMM: In The School Newspaper
Jeran Halfpap

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Posted on 11-10-2007 03:35
it's me again, trying to advertize the OMM in my school. smiley
I am in the school's newspaper staff, and i love the internet. so i decided to do an article about websites that highschoolers and younger, would like. I plan on having the million masterpiece as one of the websites i review. Of course, i gave it excellent remarks for the site's useability, sociability, awesomeness, and purpose.
i will be posting a copy of the articlt after it gets edited.
expect a number of new members from the Annapolis, Maryland area!
( in like...oh say...2 months smiley)
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AuthorRE: OMM: In The School Newspaper
Super Administrator

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Posted on 11-10-2007 19:56
That's wonderful news!
This is exactly the kind of publicity that OMM needs... smiley
Please let us know how it goes... and I'm sure we'd all love to see a copy of the article.
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