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AuthorLets Talk Games
Super Administrator

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Posted on 19-01-2008 08:37
Hey, I hadn't posted in a while so I figured I'd start a thread about one of my favorite topics: Games.

Now I'm referring to video games, although I'm not forbidding checkers, shoots n' ladders, and scrabble either.

My question to you is " What game are you most into right now?"

For me it would have been Call of Duty 4, until about a week ago when I got to the highest rank, and now I'm usually playing Crysis. And you?
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AuthorRE: Lets Talk Games
Sarah Edwards
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Posted on 19-01-2008 17:05
Spyro games, always. I just love that purple dragon... but not the new sparks, I liked him when he could only buzz, not talk.

I will always love SSX3, as well as Harry Potter Quidditch world cup.

Oh, and I can't forget Lego Star Wars and Lord of the rings...

And obviously the Sims is the best computer game/ thing in the world. Nothing is better.
Except OMM, of course.
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AuthorRE: Lets Talk Games

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Posted on 20-01-2008 02:02
yeah, call of duty 4 for me too. My boyfriend is a gamer, so he gets me hooked on a game everynow and then, hes playing crysis as well, but Im not good enough to even give that a go.

as for my rank, its been mucking up so i have to reinstall and i havent got around to it so i havent gotten very far on multiplayer.

Addictive games: this will have you up all night


Edited by Shanna on 20-01-2008 02:03
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AuthorRE: Lets Talk Games
Jo Vickers

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Posted on 20-01-2008 09:42
It'll always be Mario for me! I bought my sister the new Paper Mario for the Wii for Xmas so I'm spending lots of time round there lately! It's marvelous!

Love the Sims too, but haven't played in a while. Never played Call of Duty, I don't tend to like shooty/stabby/fighty games (power flowers don't count =). I prefer puzzle adventure games like Monkey Island or Broken Sword. Unfortunately they seem to be much rarer, I haven't found a good one in years! If anyone knows of one, let me know!
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