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AuthorIt's Me!
Peter Wood

Posts: 1
Joined: 17.07.06

Posted on 25-07-2006 21:13
Hi Everyone (!)

My name is Pete Wood, I love this project and the possibilities it offers - great idea.

I'm 50 (But still have my youthful good looks) live in Hertfordshire (UK) and although I have a 'day job' most of my time is spent on art projects - I design playing cards (Am pretty unique in the World for what i do) and badges in the main.

My specialist subject - Teddy Bears! So, you should find my image OKsmiley)

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AuthorRE: weyhey
J West
Super Administrator

Posts: 78
Joined: 17.07.06

Posted on 25-07-2006 21:28
Velcom. Your bear ear is near my friend the bumble bee. Cool.

How cute is that?! Speciality we can see, for the difficulty of these tools on this otherwise great site, you have made it look v easy.

I am just waiting for the bear to jump up and waggle the furry ears.

Does he/she have a name perchance?



Edited by J West on 25-07-2006 21:29
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AuthorRE: It's Me!
Morgan Williams

Posts: 5
Joined: 25.07.06

Posted on 25-07-2006 22:36
Hey Everyone!
I'm Morgan Williams, I'm 13 and I live in Swansea.
I'v only just really got into art and I'm chuffed I'm in this! I wish I could draw like that!:@:D
Peter I would just like to say your teddy bear is awesome! And I design cards too!
J I also like your design it's kind of like a mask/face, it's really good and looks so real! :@I wish I could draw like that!:D
Bibi Morgie!;)
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AuthorRE: It's Me!
Jonathan Ochsankehl

Posts: 6
Joined: 21.07.06

Posted on 25-07-2006 22:55
i really really really loved the teddy bear when i saw it.

i'm in the same boat as J West... i was in awe that you could even get that kind of image out of the tools offered here. patience played a key part in it all i'm sure. smiley

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AuthorRE: Hey 2 Morgan
J West
Super Administrator

Posts: 78
Joined: 17.07.06

Posted on 26-07-2006 08:51
C'mon - 13? give yourself a break. I love the colour and energy in your square - vibrant and zingy. KFC aside, I have a few years on you (more than I'd like to admit) but managed to follow through my art from school to something resembling adulthood (still trying on that one).

Just keep on going . . .

Practise and all that - it is true I promise.

There are certain things that can be taught, and others that come from yourself. It's never an instant thing, and thinking back to myself at 13, even though I might have had the natural ability it was pretty much wasted. So you're one up on me.

Good luck with it all.


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AuthorRE: It's Me!
Emma Duncan

Posts: 42
Joined: 16.07.06

Posted on 26-07-2006 10:45
Hi Pete!
Good to see you on the forums but I'll keep bugging you via messages...

Youthful good looks? Now that's got me thinking of Harrison Ford and George Clooney! Mmmm...

Your Teddy is still looking cute, cute, cute. smiley
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