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Authoridentical pictures
Jeran Halfpap

Posts: 71
Joined: 29.10.06

Posted on 20-01-2007 16:36
this person has the same picture as his neighbor's picture using a computer program. is that possible?

the victim is

BUT the image currently displayed is not the same image is what appears in the replay...

Edited by Jeran Halfpap on 21-01-2007 00:00
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AuthorRE: identical pictures
Pip Hignett
Super Administrator

Posts: 213
Joined: 07.09.06

Posted on 21-01-2007 09:40
This has already been noted by the site moderators.

See this thread for more details.
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AuthorRE: identical pictures
Timo Jääskeläinen

Posts: 76
Joined: 06.01.07

Posted on 21-01-2007 15:09
So what is bad about it?
To me it is just as much an art as anything else, there are just different tools involved.
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