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AuthorHelp needed with drama project!
Sam Law

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Joined: 18.01.07

Posted on 04-11-2007 02:50
I'm currently writing a play for my course and I've come up with an idea after spending many nights thinking at the local bar. I'll get to that in a second.
I want to do it, and this IS essential, in an abstract expressionist manner.
The actions happens as thus: a homeless artist sees that the Tate Britain is putting on an exhibit of works by unknown artists, and calling for them to come forth into the foreground. In the poster his work is pride of place- an abstract expressionist piece he did some 20 years ago when at art school.
He tries to get recognition, but alas, people don't believe him because he's a homeless drunk.
So, he does what any person would do in his stead: steals art supplies and starts painting things around London. Abstract Expressionist graffiti, using things he finds in bins along with the supplies he steals.
The mayor of London takes great pride in it, and steals using it to attract tourists, and people start copying the style, becoming famous. The homeless artist tries again to claim the starlight for his genius work, alas again no-one believes him, bringing the play full circle.

Its a happy story, really.
Anyways, so, I need help.
What, if any, are the tenants of abstract expressionist art?
I have no idea, I'm not an artist by any calibre. I don't know how I could get this to fit into an abstract expressionistic style, or even if drama could. I mean, it has to be possible, but I have no idea where to even start looking. So if anyone could help me I'd be greatly thankful!
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AuthorRE: Help needed with drama project!
Pip Hignett
Super Administrator

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Joined: 07.09.06

Posted on 04-11-2007 09:18
Not sure if this is any help beyond what you have already but wikipedia has a couple of good articles relating to expressionism and expressionist art. which enlightened me somewhat.

The only link that I can think of between expressionist drama and art (other than purely theoretical) is action. The actions of artists like Jackson Pollock were drama in themselves, their finished works being signifiers of the action and motion of the painting process. So perhaps this could be a route to translate expressionist art into drama.

????? smiley ?

That's all I've got.

Edited by Pip Hignett on 04-11-2007 09:20
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AuthorRE: Help needed with drama project!
Sam Law

Posts: 21
Joined: 18.01.07

Posted on 15-11-2007 01:13
Thanks, I've had a look and talked to some of my friends (art history students, so they've been of marginal help at best...) and I think I've got some ideas...
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