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Aunty Mor

Posts: 294
Joined: 28.12.06

Posted on 25-06-2007 16:53
I nominate image no.445517 for deletion. This stupid guy has hacked into image no.504857 The image with the big eyed bug that is animated. One of my faves. smiley
I don't know if this is covered in the rules and regs but surely one member should not be allowed to deface another.smiley

Edited by Pip Hignett on 26-06-2007 09:14
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AuthorRE: Hacking!
Super Administrator

Posts: 159
Joined: 30.11.06

Posted on 26-06-2007 06:27
nooooo, that was one of my favorites as well, hopefully the undo function will save the art.
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AuthorRE: Hacking!
Pip Hignett
Super Administrator

Posts: 213
Joined: 07.09.06

Posted on 26-06-2007 09:12
Do the two people in question know each other?

I reckon defacing someones image is pretty serious. I know I would be upset if my image was ruined. I hope that Isaac is right and the undo feature can reverse the vandalism.

It looks like some kind of inside joke or feud, so hopefully it isn't a random hacking and that the two of them can sort out their differences.

Also, I made your links clickable, Aunty Mor, if you were wondering why I edited your message.

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AuthorRE: Hacking!
Super Administrator

Posts: 215
Joined: 24.06.06

Posted on 26-06-2007 23:33
I really doubt its down to hacking, unless somehow one of them guessed the other's password that is. I'd presume they are both by the same person, who wants us to think they are a hacker. Either that or my code has holes in it.
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AuthorRE: Hacking!
Cheryl Mennell

Posts: 2
Joined: 14.06.07

Posted on 22-09-2007 20:27
Hey, i don't think this is hacking... Nadia has added him as 1 of her favourite artists and also she likes counterstrike (computer game) so im guessing she gave him a mention on there as he is probably a friend of hers on the game.. plus she has drawn more things since then and if it had been hacked then she could have pressed the undo button back to where she had finished before as im sure she'd have noticed =]
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