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Posted on 05-08-2009 12:47
Hismiley I'd like to recommend a new publication, it's addressed to people who are fascinated with new art and are open-minded. Some people would probably say that bloody, nightmarish or even ugly photos can't be considered as art, I don't agree, how about you?
Death’s imagination has undergone profound transformations over the last decades. The book addresses various parts of this new vision of death.
It contains a collection of works by international artists where numerous approaches to the death-motif in new art today are explored and revealed through different photographic techniques. We can find here surreal paintings, digital art, drawings, as well as various nightmarish and visionary photographs.
Artists: Ramón Alanis, Dragos Ioan Anti, Funda Zeynep Aygüler, Via-Elena von Braun, Santiago Caruso, Jodi Childs, Alessio Crivellato, Shigenori Ebata, exiff, Katja Faith, Piotr Filutowski, Ashley Fundytus, Cameron Gray, Shawn Hansen, Till Hartmann, Brian Henry, Rudolf Imrišík, indio, JiF, kanadam, Adam Kissel, Ludmiła Kufel, Irene Langholm, Stuart Lawrie, Olivier Lomer, Jeff S.Love, Razvan Maiden, Mylène Mozas, Neoromantika, Hector Pineda, Véronique Portal, Richard Rasner, Steph Ruple, Roxana Sagastume, Gromyko Padilla Semper, Robert Shirley, Dariusz Skitek, Angelika Eleonora Sowul, Alicja Stankiewicz, Sebastian Szczygieł, Victor Tagasa, Andrzej Troc, Ben Ulke, Mariana Palova Urzúa, Cibele Vargas, Wendy Wallace, David Whitlam, Marcin Wiktorski, Bonnie Wood.
The publisher – nEgoist is an international independent group of people fascinated by new art, whose goal is to promote art from all over the world, across the whole world.
Book is available on publisher's site.
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Sin-Mae Chung
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Posted on 31-08-2009 11:19
I never looked at death being something that wasn't art. I believe art can take many forms.. death is a subject, or a symbol and vehicle of expression. Death is inevitable.. we all share common ideas or perhaps fears etc towards it, hence someone using death.. (a universal idea and subject) can create greater impact, relation, and strong/common reactions within their work

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Echo Frnka

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Posted on 25-12-2009 05:10
I play around with death as a tool in both my art and my writing. I've never looked at death as an art subject though. This looks interesting.
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