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AuthorCost of Postage
Alex Holt

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Posted on 26-01-2008 17:26
Again I reappear after a long absense, but just to raise a point, as it stands ordering anything on this site to a UK address is just insanely expensive - looking at ordering a post card for example would cost 1.75ish for the post card, then a further 5.50 to actually get it here.

I obviously can't say how this translates to other countries but I'm guessign there may be similar issues, but as it stands the cost is just utterly prohibative. Is there any way that things could be printed more locally to reduce costs, or alternately, at least fidn a cheaper way of posting things?

I understand that its not necessarily practical, but it does make it a large investment to purchase anything, I was hoping to get a calender again, but when the cheapest delivery comes to making the order total 20 I can't really afford it with my limited budget.

Just something that I thought was worth brining up.
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