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AuthorClaudia Schiffer

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Posted on 30-01-2008 07:56
The most beautiful and famous blonde of 1990es German model Claudia Schiffer has come back into the world of fashion! She is not going to participate in fashion shows but she has become a new face of the legendary Chanel brand. Iconic fashion figure Karl Lagerfeld has chosen namely Claudia Schiffer to be Chanel ambassadress.

Claudia has just had a three-week photoshot for Chanel's ready-to-wear spring collection advertising campaign on the beach of St-Tropez. She looks as beautiful as twenty years ago on the pictures.
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AuthorRE: Claudia Schiffer
Super Administrator

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Posted on 30-01-2008 21:15
Uh, what?
Heh, I swear, you have the most random posts.
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AuthorRE: Claudia Schiffer
Aunty Mor

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Posted on 31-01-2008 18:41
Morgan are you in some way a celebrity yourself? This is one of several posts you have made concerning female celebrities....Why? Are they in anyway involved in this project? Do they support any of the charities on the OMM? Just curious.
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