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AuthorBrightness and Contrast
Alex Holt

Posts: 77
Joined: 04.12.06

Posted on 04-02-2007 15:01
Looking at my picture on the calender it appears a lot paler than it shows on my computer and has far less cotnrast to it. I'd just like peoples oppinions on if it needs more contrast added in or not?

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AuthorRE: Brightness and Contrast
Sin-Mae Chung
Super Administrator

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Joined: 07.12.06

Posted on 05-02-2007 00:38
i reckon it is as neat as it is there.. but sadly we will never get the same colour in print as we see on our monitor screens.. im not sure if mine is wat it appares on paper. but i suppose adding more brightness or contrast to it may kick it up when it is printed in the end.. if u have a coloured printer u can trail it b4 that time..
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AuthorRE: Brightness and Contrast
Sharon Vinson

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Joined: 25.01.07

Posted on 05-02-2007 03:54
I think it looks quite nice as is. I haven't seen it in print to judge the differnce though
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