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AuthorAnother one!!!
Aunty Mor

Posts: 294
Joined: 28.12.06

Posted on 21-01-2007 10:13
Does the moderator button work? Pressed it again last night and this one is still here this morning. Wrote the number down first this time so I wouldnt get it wrong. Image no. 375196. Get rid of it!!!!!
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AuthorRE: Another one!!!
Pip Hignett
Super Administrator

Posts: 213
Joined: 07.09.06

Posted on 21-01-2007 10:43
Hi Moira,

Reporting such to a moderator and making a thread here are the ways to get the moderators attention. I'm not sure how many people have the rights to delete images but certainly Paul Fisher and Eamonn are the two that I am aware of. If the image is not deleted right away try PMing these guys, they have the right tools and ideas.


Edited by Pip Hignett on 21-01-2007 10:45
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AuthorRE: Another one!!!
Sin-Mae Chung
Super Administrator

Posts: 372
Joined: 07.12.06

Posted on 21-01-2007 10:48
oh my.. 25 years old??? no way...
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AuthorRE: Another one!!!
Marjolein Mallee

Posts: 39
Joined: 18.01.07

Posted on 21-01-2007 12:22
25...ok...ehm who replaced that kids brain for that of a 12 year old....
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