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Thu 28th Jun, 2007

My image is based on the Milwaukee Art Museum by architect Santiago Calatrava of Valencia Spain.

Perched on the shore of Lake Michigan,it resembles a large sailing vessel. A unique feature is it's moveing wings or sails. They open at 10:00AM and close at 5:00PM. They "flap" at 12:00 noon to the delight of visitors.

This is Calatrava's first project in the United States,completed in 2001.

If you click on the second link above,you can see a photo of the museum.

About etype2

Greetings to the world from San Francisco. Through art,we can communicate.

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Occupation: Retired
Interests and Hobbies: Born and raised in Wisconsin. Veteran. Moved to California and now in Arizona. Married to my wonderful wife for 44 years and counting. Like art,cinema,photography,sports,high performance vehicles,Harley,travel,boxing,wine tasting tours. Retired and living with a golden retriever and two cats. Purchased my first computer in 1998 and joined the many on line art communities shortly thereafter.
Music: Smooth jazz and blues.
Movies: Blade Runner,Gladiator,Scent Of A Women,12 Angry Men and so many more...
Personal Quote: "Ask questions,learn,never give up,innovate"

My favourite pictures

Ottawa, CA

Sharon Pascoe
Brentford, GB

Fabiola Marchant
Santiago, CL

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"Some men see things as they are and say why - I dream things that never were and say why not." Robert F. Kennedy (George Bernard Shaw)
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Latest comments on this artwork:

Image 466484 Melek Tekin
Tue 23rd Oct, 2007
what a beautiful job! good topic well done !!!
Image 523968 Gracie Rafferty
Thu 20th Sep, 2007
Lovely contrast and complimentary color choices here, it really does remind me of a ship. +1
Image 482428 Mark Watkinson
Mon 17th Sep, 2007
Edit: Thanks for the comment, funnily enough 12 Angry Men (the one from the 50's) was on the box last night so I couldn't resist watching it again. Cheers Mark
Image 533654 Lam Lam Yeung
Thu 2nd Aug, 2007
the colors u chose can really calm ppl
Image 367194 雅 + Simran
Sun 15th Jul, 2007
Aw that just left me in awe! It's beautiful! ! Especially the sky, is lovely! Simran
Image 477537 Liz Joyce
Mon 2nd Jul, 2007
Beautiful picture
Image 522392 Sharon Pascoe
Sun 1st Jul, 2007
You got my vote!
Image 594407 Anonymous
Sun 1st Jul, 2007
wow. cool picture and nice colors!
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