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A thank-you from OMM to deviantArt

Mon 9th Jul, 2007
Project news the single largest contributor to the project, the deviantArt community deserve a special thank-you. Over 18,000 deviantArt members have taken part in the project, helping to raise many thousands of pounds for global causes and becoming world record breakers in the process... see for full article.

Comments & Discussion

Mon 9th Jul, 2007
Not only have the deviant artists made such a lot contributions to the OMM, but the quality of the images have been nothing short of dazzling! So, yeah, a big thanks to all who clicked from deviant art to the OMM.

Thu 12th Jul, 2007
wooooooo deviantart.

Tue 17th Jul, 2007
Wow!! Over 18,000?! I guess that would make me one of them :)

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