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Reporting inappropriate content

Tue 13th Feb, 2007
Project news

Now that there are over 20,000 images making up the OMM it is more important than ever that members report inappropriate content. We are currently in the process of removing many of the blank squares deep within the big picture and it is therefore harder to spot new members who are creating false accounts and displaying inappropriate imagery. If you come across anything which you feel needs to be checked by a moderator, please use the "Report this artist to a moderator" link to flag the account. This link can be found on the profile page.

Reported images will not necessarily be deleted. Administrators are able to mark accounts as adult in nature, contact artists to request amendments or (in cases of breach of terms and conditions) delete accounts.

The important thing is that images are reported so that this process can take place, so please don't be shy in reporting offensive or inappropriate material.

Comments & Discussion

Wed 14th Feb, 2007
Is there a place describing what sort of things qualify a picture as inappropriate, or which sorts of pictures should be run by a moderator?

Wed 14th Feb, 2007
I would suggest going with what you feel is appropriate. Anything which causes you offense should be checked.

As a rule, report the following:

  • Highly sexual imagery
  • Inappropriate wording (whether in images or profiles)
  • Profile links to sexual or hate websites
  • Disclosure of personal details
  • Images which look uploaded or suspiciously like photography
  • Account details which appear obviously false
As said, all instances might not be removed but it's better that they are checked.

Wed 14th Feb, 2007
If square contains adult content, is there a way to find of if the square has been marked as adult? In the profiles I don't see anything that would tell us if such square has been market as child friendly or not. I think you should add something like that, because you will get reports of the same squares containing adult content even if they are set as adult.

Thu 15th Feb, 2007
Good suggestion. We are in the middle of a comprehensive redesign of the profile pages and will probably include this in the upgrade.

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