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Second batch of calendars ready for shipping

Mon 29th Jan, 2007

We were caught a little unprepared by the demand for the official 2007 calendars and quickly sold out of the first print run. We would like to thank everyone who has waited so patiently for the second batch to arrive, and can confirm that they will be shipped out tomorrow.

By the 30 January everyone who has pre-ordered a calendar will have one in the post. Calendars are being delivered to over 28 countries so postal times are expected to vary quite considerably.

The images chosen for the front page of the calendar are:

493650 Kasia Mielnicka
503211 Jessica Camburn
563983 Yannick Manuhutu
611976 Ching Tang
508076 Rochelle Turner
495215 Pip Hignett
514383 Ania Narien
418379 Ole E Petterson
533596 Amy Franklin
493574 Emily Parker

Comments & Discussion

Mon 29th Jan, 2007
Wow!!! TOMM is on the cover of the official calendar. I am officially CHUFFED-TO-BITS!!!

Mon 29th Jan, 2007
Congrats to all :)

Mon 29th Jan, 2007
I was wondering where my favourite painted cat was, and I thought it highly unlikely he didn't make it into the calender. Well done Pip and all the other front pagers!

Mon 29th Jan, 2007
Congrats everyone! :D The front page looks extremely spiffy with all your pics :DDD Love it c:

Tue 30th Jan, 2007
Congratulations everybody... I can hardly wait to get mine!

Tue 30th Jan, 2007
wow, i certainly did NOT expect this would happen :) on the cover of the most social artistic calendar out there!! Congratulations to my neighbours on the cover ;) i wasn't sure if I wanted to have one, but now, no doubt I do !!

Tue 30th Jan, 2007
Dear God! Now I must have it :D I don't know how it happend that my crappy pic is here, but - WHOA!

Wed 31st Jan, 2007
UPDATE : All calendars now shipped

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