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Registration email problem : 22:22:00 GMT FIXED

Wed 29th Nov, 2006
Bugs and errors

We are currently experiencing a problem with our registration process. Welcome emails containing registration codes are not being sent.

We are working on the problem as quickly as we can. All registration codes will be emailed out later today.

This problem has now been corrected and all systems are running normally. If you are still awaiting a registration code please email

Comments & Discussion

Fri 15th Dec, 2006
It seems that the emails are getting a little behind. Anyone without an activation code should email Also, please ensure that your spam filter is set to allow all email from and Thanks!

Fri 15th Dec, 2006
Should all be fixed now and registration emails sent okay. Someone decided to uninstall our mail server causing (surprising enough) problems. Its all sorted out now.

Fri 15th Dec, 2006
If anyone is still waiting can you email and let me know the email address that you registered with - thanks.

Fri 15th Dec, 2006
Registration emails are being sent, it's just we are experiencing some extreme traffic at the moment so they are getting a little delayed. Anyone that can't wait please email to get it a little quicker

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