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Thu 21st Sep, 2006
Project news

There are some really nice examples of collaboration cropping up on the site, and it's interesting to see the different ways that we can work together.

Take Mark for example (centre picture), who has chosen to mix small elements of his neighbours images to produce a little patch of blended canvas. This kind of approach results in an abstract effect where your own contribution is completely dictated to by the surrounding pieces. Kind of sacrificing your square to the collaboration - but it works.

Then there's the attempt to continue an entire square to make a larger picture. This way of working together might require a bit more luck and a polite message to a neighbour, but will get your little area of the bigger picture noticed.

Take this scene from outer space brought to you by Hsiao, Pierre and Matthew. Who knows where it will end, but that's the interesting thing - it's completely in the hands of the neighbouring squares.

Then we've got the imitators. You can copy the theme of your surrounding images but give your picture a unique spin. In this example Ninja hamster has been joined by Jedi hamster - just two hamsters short of a major cartoon series. Thanks Verena and Cool New Pants (don't ask).

OK, how about the comedy route?

There are plenty of examples on the site of neighbours poking fun at each other, but here's a good one. Not too mean - just a bit of fun!

I don't know how Kelly managed to guess what this couple's pet names are (right), but I'm sure orange feet and big hair will be very happy together. And the two cats!

Lastly, there's a kind of distributed collaboration that I can't think of a title for. It's the kind of viral collaboration that just happens spontaneously - maybe we'll call it viral collaboration?

Take Laura's space monkeys for example (below left). Laura introduced space monkeys to us after she found one in a box shipped over from Nepal. They rapidly populated her square (just watch the replay!), but eventually broke out and invaded next door neighbour Mike's picture. Now they are cropping up all over the place.

See if you can spot them yourself, or cheat and keep an eye on their invasion via our Space Monkey Watch forum thread.

This project is about having fun and communicating through art, so let's hope there is plenty more collaboration to come!

Comments & Discussion

Fri 9th Nov, 2007
In the same spirit of collaberation I split my square diagonally. I only had 2 neighbors at the time and the upper lis a continuation of my left and neighbor and the lower right is the continuation of the neighbor below me. It looks great and it helps me find my picture easily. Love the project.

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