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Wanted : Experienced deviantArt members

Fri 14th Sep, 2007
Project news

The OMM project has always enjoyed a close relationship with deviantArt. The world’s largest arts community and the world’s largest artistic collaboration have a unique bond, not least because such a massive proportion of our members are deviant artists!

A project is currently underway to strengthen this bond, which will see deviantArt handling our future printing needs. As part of this move, an OMM community profile is being created on deviantArt.

In order to property represent the OMM on deviantArt we’re looking for experienced dA members who can help build our dA profile. Specifically:

Create an overall layout
Create bulletin layouts
Create OMM stamps
Liaise with top level dA staff on promotion

If you can help, let us know at or by comment!!

Comments & Discussion

Tue 25th Sep, 2007
WOOT im on it!

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