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Spotlight : Gracie Rafferty

Fri 7th Sep, 2007
Spotlight : Artist interviews

One of the beautiful things about OMM is that everyone who submits a live drawing is forced to use the same drawing tool. OK, so some people have access to a drawing tablet which does help, but at least the tool is consistent.

So how is it that some people are able to produce extraordinary, photo-realistic images, while the rest of us struggle with a stick man? Top scientists call this difference TALENT, which usually results from mixing a natural (perhaps genetic) eye for and color, shape and light, and implanting it into a person that has achieved a mastery of the tools and techniques of creativity.

While we might not be able to provide a short cut to a genetic eye for color, shape and light (at least until genetic engineering catches up), we can offer a faster way to mastering the creative tools of OMM. Yes folks, one member of our wonderful community who appears to have more than her fair share of TALENT has spilt the beans on how she creates such extraordinary artwork through an exclusive OMM Tutorial.

Gracie Rafferty is a 24 year old artist from Philadelphia USA. She’s a published designer and painter, and is also a member of the creative staff over at deviantArt. Watch and learn as Gracie guides you through the OMM tools, and some of the fundamentals of colour theory in her tutorial.

An upgrade for our most gifted of teachers, and some much deserved spotlight!

Comments & Discussion

Fri 7th Sep, 2007
Wow, just noticed this. Thanks guys, this made my day! Now I can make more squares and maybe another tutorial!

Fri 7th Sep, 2007
nice work!

Tue 11th Sep, 2007
wow, since your upgrade youve been busy. love your work, your a great community member.

Wed 12th Sep, 2007
congrats gracie.. i must admit i was extremely impressed when u went though the basics of colour theory with ur tutorial. now that will do way more than me just saying.. "there are more ways to colouring than mixing it with black" lol. they never listen. *shakes head*

Wed 12th Sep, 2007
Thanks Sin-Mae. I know, and it's easier for me to just show stuff rather than tell it; I never learned well by people saying red and yellow is orange; I never believed it till I sat down with watercolors and made all the colors myself. Haha. So I figured the OMM tool is a perfect way to communicate the basics; really quite suitable for a live tutorial.

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