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Spotlight : Mike Wallis

Fri 24th Aug, 2007
Spotlight : Artist interviews

All hail the animators. Back in the dark ages of OMM (roughly 12 months ago) the idea for the replay feature was simple – it allowed people to watch and learn how other people created artwork, and to capture a moment of time when someone, somewhere, was creative.

But a section of the OMM community saw the replay feature as something different - it became a tool for story telling. Multilayered images that evolve over time, such as Angeli’s ever changing woman or Isaac’s burning city can be found throughout our little universe. However one group of story tellers have taken the their art to the extreme – they are the animators.

Creating true animation using the OMM’s tools is not an easy task. It takes a logical mind and lots of patience. That’s no barrier to out intrepid bunch, the likes of whom have created some of the following animated pieces:

The One Million Masterpiece Arts ProjectThe One Million Masterpiece Arts ProjectThe One Million Masterpiece Arts Project

…and of course Sin-Mae’s awesome contribution

The One Million Masterpiece Arts Project

But only one animator has so far taken a cherished OMM phenomenon and turned it into an animated event. Where were you when Red the space monkey jumped the grand canyon, deep within our digital masterpiece? Congratulations Mike, the spotlight’s on you.

The One Million Masterpiece Arts Project

Comments & Discussion

Tue 11th Sep, 2007
your the king of animation mike. i wonder what challenges the space monkies are going to face in the coming months?

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