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Spotlight : Morgan Shearer

Fri 3rd Aug, 2007
Spotlight : Artist interviews

Here at OMM we all agree that there’s nothing better than a Friday afternoon, so to celebrate we’re going to throw the spotlight on an exceptional project member at the end of every working week. It might be for their tireless work around the community, or their skills in using the OMM drawing tools to produce compelling art or animation. Whatever the reason, they will receive a free membership upgrade and a warm fuzzy feeling.

This week we’ve chosen Morgan Shearer to receive the spotlight. We were all pretty stunned by her incredible image of a rose that looks as if it could be plucked directly from the screen. What’s more, Morgan is a regular in the forums and has referred several friends to the OMM cause, so we think she’s justly rewarded.

Well done Morgan, an upgrade is winging its way to you which we hope will mean more wonderful images! We’ll be watching :)

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Comments & Discussion

Thu 9th Aug, 2007
thanks! :D

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