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Mena Suvari - the beginning

Created by the first version of my drawing tool, kept for historical reasons: most importantly, the comments, and so that you can compare it with the same photo reproduced by the second version.
Tags : mena suvari drawing tool
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Comments on this artwork:

Image 567273 Morgan Addie Hallmark
Fri 7th Dec, 2007
i remember all the controversy about this "new art" lol, i still find this tool amazing.
Image 559267 Jozsef Fejes
Thu 12th Jul, 2007
Alicia: not favorite, just tried to find a beautiful portrait, thought about American Beauty, and whoah, when I found this photo, I didn't think I could find a better one :) So it just happened.
Image 434428 Gareth A Hopkins
Wed 11th Jul, 2007
lol Is this still causing as much controversy as it did when it was first put up?
Image 472820 Alicia Thompson
Tue 10th Jul, 2007
This one never ceases to amuse me. Great job on the program! But why Mena Suvari? Is she your favorite actress?
Image 443922 Olivier Nerot
Mon 9th Jul, 2007
IT IS ART ! Am I not a software myself ?...
Image 531942 Sin-Mae Chung
Thu 5th Jul, 2007
i still find it wicked cool how u can develope such a programme!
Image 426424 Kaitlyn Clement
Thu 5th Jul, 2007
Amazing. Truely Amazing. 'The New Art' Has Taken It's Toll. Fantastic :3
Image 1000094 Emi
Wed 4th Jul, 2007
wow...this is amazing!
Image 507959 Katleen Rousseau
Tue 3rd Jul, 2007
Image 551118 Laura Schrampfer
Mon 2nd Jul, 2007 I need to say anything else..
Image 428025 Zdenek Gromnica
Sun 1st Jul, 2007
Impressive! Very good job on the programing! I'd recommend writing a notice that it wasn't drawn by a human as many people seem to think so :) +
Image 501600 Eamonn (Admin)
Tue 26th Jun, 2007
Image 459995 Lauren Bryce
Thu 14th Jun, 2007
Image 427924 Tim Wilson
Tue 12th Jun, 2007
Would you care to share the program that recreated this photo? It does beautiful work.
Image 378414 Melanie Atwater
Tue 12th Jun, 2007
Coolest replay to watch, EVER. It's beautiful work, how long did it take?
Image 416861 Jessica Allen
Sat 9th Jun, 2007
how do you make it so real
Image 608782 Petra Matar
Wed 6th Jun, 2007
nice approach
Image 450344 Nidhi Rathish
Tue 5th Jun, 2007
omg!!! amazing! :O
Image 443946 Cody Young
Tue 5th Jun, 2007
never seen better!
Image 487263 Barbara Gamba
Fri 1st Jun, 2007
Unglaublich! Das soll gezeichnet sein? Ich dachte das wäre ein Foto! Fantastisch! Du bist ein grosser Künstler!

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