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The OMM Greenhouse

Sat 15th Dec, 2007

I've decided to open up the 1st mini Virtual OMM Greenhouse where anyone who has made a drawing related to greenery can "plant" their work! Kind of like the calender did but we do it ourselves!

I love the idea of collaborating images together, and in the early stages of this website where the previous images you visited showed up on your profil, I would create "theme of the day" by commenting on similar images at a time! (too much time on my hands?!)

If you have made any flowers, plants, trees etc you would like to share, then plant them here in the virtual greenhouse so we can all admire! :)

NB. my original pic was a lily and not this lava lamp... :P


Comments & discussion:

Image 567273 Morgan Addie Hallmark
Fri 21st Dec, 2007

I think we should post this collaboration as a news item, make the Greenhouse a club for natural and "blossoming" artists!

Image 527139 Cat
Fri 21st Dec, 2007

Yes thanks guys all pictures are welcome!? Thank you for being the first!

Image 567273 Morgan Addie Hallmark
Fri 21st Dec, 2007

Courtney of course it's good enough! I have a rose but it's not my default :)

Image 1002101 Courtney Johnson
Mon 17th Dec, 2007

I drew a flower, not sure if it is good enough though.

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