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Big Collab Project

Sun 14th Oct, 2007

The Big Collaboration

This bulletin will be updated and changed regularly; so check back here for the latest updates on the Big Collab Project.

Project Premise

This is just purely based on the option to "Make the new picture my default picture and let me position it in the masterpiece - coming soon" option that will happen eventually...

I think it'd be cool if we had a few squares (as many people as wanted) all conveying a big picture. I just like the sense of cooperation that would be involved and the spirit of how open and friendly this community is, I think it would be a lot of fun.

When joining, please note that your final square in the OMM will be the collab square, so keep at least 1 square free in your gallery for this one if you sign up!

So, leave me a comment or PM me if you want to, let's talk!

Future Participants

Please comment to be added to the group!

84.jpg Gracie Rafferty

68.jpg Joe Montgomery

98.jpg Christina Krygier

23.jpg Shubnum Khan

6.jpg Cassie Jay

4.jpg Mark Watkinson

Possible themes and ideas

Community, Participants from every continent, Nature, Landscape

Leave a comment on the bulletin if you have a theme idea to share. If someone likes an idea in the discussion, we'll post more indepth ideas on the bulletin to vote for.

In Depth

Participants: vote on the ideas below for the project:

star.gif = positive vote emptystar.gif = undecided no.gif = negative vote emptyvote.gif = missing vote

arrowWorldwide contribs - one voteemptyvote.gifemptyvote.gifemptyvote.gifemptyvote.gif vote

What would be good is if you had one artist from each continent joining you to contribute to a large piece of work. - Mark Watkinson

arrowLandscape - one voteone voteemptyvote.gifemptyvote.gifemptyvote.gif votes

I think a landscape might be a nice choice we might all like to do.

If we want to do something like this, I can prep a reference photograph with tiles so we know what part we're doing and we can work on them all at once. I think it'll be great to see each person's style and way of painting shine in each square; nothing would have to be perfect, the overall end result would be pretty cool when viewed from far away.

If we did this, I can browse for stock and we can put it up to a vote as to which reference choice we use - Gracie Rafferty

Comments & discussion:

Image 523968 Gracie Rafferty
Sun 14th Oct, 2007

The old discussions are on the other bulletin here. I guess when you edit bulletins that are 1 week old the site automatically create a new one.

Review any of the comments if you're interested in the discussion so far.

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