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BIG is fun!

Thu 4th Oct, 2007

Oh Em Gee. I love the big squares. Makes it so much more fun to get in more details. My favorite of the two so far is this one..

The One Million Masterpiece Arts Project

I'm not nearly done but it's been fun to draw so far.

Comments & discussion:

Image 523968 Gracie Rafferty
Thu 4th Oct, 2007

Hehe Mark. It's not purely talent. I started off just as anyone does, in art... drawing still lifes, doodling, and generally being terrible at it. What makes the difference is practice; and I've had over 10 years of practice now. Time, patience, and skill building. That's all :) I just love to draw, and I keep doing it :D Since we get 50 squares, I'll be setting aside some time for a new tutorial, I've already begun making a chart with the key points... so that is up ahead in the near future as well.

Image 482428 Mark Watkinson
Thu 4th Oct, 2007

Hi Gracie

Well you keep setting yourself higher standards to better each time. There was a thud to be heard when I opened your Keira Knightley picture which was the sound of my jaw hitting the floor, and thats even before its finished :D. I think that everyone on this site is talented to different degrees and all have something to offer however you have a remarkable talent that sets you apart. But what is also really nice is that you have taken time out to create the OMM Tutorial and also take the time to make relevant comments on so many pictures giving encouragement to us lesser mortals. Keep on amazing us.



P.S. The big blank squares are scaring me at the moment, a bit more practice before I have a go :o)

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