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Linzi Stoppard & Ben Lee Front C MusicTelevision Channel

Sat 16th Jan, 2010

Online PR News 13-January-2010 linzi stoppard & Ben Lee are the electric rock violin duo fuse and have been announced as the face of C Music TV, the new international classical, film and chillout music-video channel that has its official launch at the Cannes Television Festival.

Linzi Stoppard is one the most acclaimed international string artists around today. Linzi started off as a solo artist and established a high demand for her new and stylish approach to the classical instrument. Linzi soon realised that her ambient / rock arrangements were the way to go so looked to team up with a like minded musician - Ben Lee was the obvious choicetheir album is out in April 2010: the repertoire, the progressive sound and the direction never explored before it will surely reposition the instrument as a versatile modern day equivalent to the more popular read more click here..

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