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A Painting A Day

Sat 30th Jun, 2007

Recently, I have begun painting one 5"x7" piece of shellacked mat board each day. I've been wanting to do this for awhile, but I could never get motivated. So... I got my mom in on it!

My mom had been wanting to paint, or buy a camera, or write for awhile, but she always felt too tired after her job as an ER Doctor at a charity hospital. I could imagine; just listening to her stories left me feeling drained and way too tired... and I didn't even have to make anyone feel better!

So, when she switched hospitals and jobs, it was easy to see she had a lot more energy and she had begun to talk about her creative interests even more. So I decided to go for it. I fished out a piece of mat board from my closet, cut it into piece, shellacked them all with a jar of shellac I've had forever (Does that stuff ever go bad?!) and set up a still life.

So of course we put it off until the next day.

My brother joined us at first, but his interest is only held so long by paint, and he went back to drawing in his sketchbook. And except for nights she's on call, my mom has painted with me every night. It's been great!

It is a bit slow going. I have to teach as well as paint, and my mom has to learn it all from scratch, with no background in art at all! But we have fun. I'm finally glad I have someone who realizes just how hard painting is, and what it all entails. And mom's having a blast, just playing with all the paint and learning what I mean when I say something about colors being 'cool' or 'intense' or... well... anything. Mom's hoping she gets pretty good, and can start selling hers. She's learning a lot each painting she does, and I think she'll be able to soon. She was really hesitant to let me post them online on my blog, but I think she sees her work isn't too bad at all (that, and I think she knows no one goes to my blog!): is the link if you wish to see for yourself.

Either way, we're always looking for different things to paint now, and we have so much fun even when we aren't painting!

The only drawback is, I've been having such fun, I haven't had any time for doing a new picture on OMM! I'm definately going to consider one of my works I do on OMM a 'painting of the day' so to speak. I have three ideas, and that leaves two to sort of hit me. I'll probably do one next time mom is on call.

Anyone else do paintings a day? Daily sketchbook? Anyone had any other ideas for getting families involved in art together that worked well? Or anyone planning an art night/museum trip?

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