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Tue 26th Jun, 2007

I thought it best if I moved this information and story to a bulletin and clean up my profile page.

My image is of Glenn Kennedy, my first art teacher and a man I really miss more than anything. The way I tried to describe it to Justin was "I'm just absolutely heartbroken."

This image is an interpretation of a story he told me. He had been painting in a large storm, and watching the NASA channel when they showed images from the satellite of the storm he was in. And he just had this huge revelation, this moment of knowing and then there was this frog on his window that was unaware of it all and the grandness of the event and revelation. That is what this image is about.

It's not a direct representation. There is no storm, but there is a frog and a satellite, and of course him. The memorial went well. I learned his pictures were going to be taken care of, and a lot of them digitized. His work needs to be shared. I'm just glad I've gotten the opportunity through this site to share this with the world.

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