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Linzi Stoppard & Ben Lee Electrify at Siemens Fusion Event

Fri 18th Sep, 2009

FUSE were not satisfied with joining the over crowded and cliched crossover market so decided to experiment and push the boundaries of what was previously thought possible.

Linzi & Ben hide themselves away for a few months rehearsing and playing with backline equipment one would normally associate with guitars. The results were spellbinding!

Never before had a string act dared go this far, let alone pull it off with such bravado. The exact process is kept a close guarded secret but we know a lot of sound processing, guitar effects and amp are used along the way.

Such a cutting edge violin act was the perfect match for a high tech super brand like Siemens. The Siemens Fusion Events took place at the Grove Hotel Hertfordshire. FUSE performed each night to over 700 people for this prestigious and leading brand. FUSE's performance was split in two - the first set was more mellow set, including Adagio for Strings, and the theme track from the film Braveheart.
The second set was progressively more pop/rock orientated, ending on Glorious which is the title track and debut single on the new FUSE album.

All-in-all FUSE did justice to their recent title "as the most innovative string act for over a generation". With their stunning debut album FUSE are setting the bar for a new breed of electric violinists.....

FUSE is rock electric violinist Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee. FUSE are putting the finishing touches to their debut album after signing an unprecedented record deal.

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