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Wed 26th Mar, 2008

Hello. I'm glad you stopped by. Every morning, I wake up to either write or paint. Please join me every day as I share with you inspiring stories and new paintings from my easel. Grab your favorite cup of tea or coffee and let's greet the day with visual art treats. Invite a friend too, I always save a spare seat for a new friend. Thanks and hope to see you soon at:

Comments & discussion:

Image 1002837 Moonvert
Wed 2nd Apr, 2008

Oh my God.. I love aqua-paint For my it's SO GOOD.. great job! :)

Image 639207 Lubos Bakyta
Tue 1st Apr, 2008

HEHE yes me to :-)

Image 1002834 Caroline
Fri 28th Mar, 2008

I hope to see you to!!

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