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A Day in the Life of an Addict...

Sat 12th Jan, 2008

Right, finished breakfast, time to settle down and get some essay done. 500 words today, without fail! Computer on, make a cup of tea, sit down. Right. I'll just check OMM before I start... Ooh, new pic on the leaderboard, that's good, I'll just see who did it... very impressed, vote, leave a comment, then get to work... read other comments, Ooh, another great pic, I haven't seen that wow, great gallery, scroll down to faves list...Ooh, another new one!, comment, scroll down to neighbourhood...Ooh, look at that one!...(some time later)... Oops, lunch time already? Ok, have a quick bite, then REALLY start some work...makes lunch, eats it, gets back to the computer. Ooh, someone's left me a comment, I'll just have a quick look at their gallery...

Some days later, in uni... Ok, pick up deadline extension request form from the office...

Name: Jo Vickers.

Course: BA (hons)-English Literature and Cultural History,

Module Title: Filming the Margins

Reason for Extension Request: I AM A MILLION MASTERPIECE ADDICT!!

Comments & discussion:

Image 560764 Rimmel Livera
Thu 17th Jan, 2008

ha ha very true......

Image 482428 Mark Watkinson
Sun 13th Jan, 2008

Hi Jo, yep I know how you feel as well, I was a bit of an addict when I was between jobs and now the OMM is still the first thing I check when I get in of an evening. Had to think long and hard about leaving a note on here as I feel guilty about feeding your addiction for checking other people's galleries Smile As you have just left a note on my Nepal pic (big thanks for the kind comments) I don't feel so bad. All the best Mark

Image 1001176 Shanna Muston
Sun 13th Jan, 2008

hehe know how you feel! i was like that doing my final assignments for school, always surprises me how little self control i have. glad im not alone!

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