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Sat 26th Jan, 2008

Three of my favourite things are miniatures, art and recently the OMM! I'm really enjoying combining all three in my new square by trying mini versions of some of my favourite OMM squares.

It also lets me keep track of more of my favourites- The favourites list is nowhere near big enough for all of them and I'm always losing the ones I want to see again!

One more plus is that it will let me share more of my favourites with other members. There are so many pictures that shouldn't be missed that don't always stay on the "most popular" pages. Hopefully people can get the gist of the squares that I've copied and will go and find the original. I wanted to include a list of the artists tributed, both to give credit for the original picture and so other people can find the squares themselves. The description wasn't long enough though, so I'll add them to this bulletin as I draw them.

Big thanks to:

1. Qian Zhao

2. Eric Ott

3. Alyssa Pastulovic

4. Lauren Bryce

5. alex

6. Jackie Lou Panagsagan

7. Morgan Addie Hallmark

8. Pepijn Rengers

9. Mark Watkinson


11. Hallie Stiller

12. andalicesays

13. Asma Kausar

14. J West


16. Joe Montgomery

17. Elisa Saragò

18. Shanna Muston

19. Riekkie R

21. Cathy Ha


22. Emily Coombs

23. Louise Beddow

24. Paul Fisher

25. Gracie Rafferty


27. Andréa Schmidt


29. Elise Everett

30. Maggie Keane


32. Spencer Hotz

33. Nina Dalsegg

34. SoL Savoretti


36. Shubnum Khan

I hope nobody objects to being included. Let me know if you do for any reason and I'll take you off straight away. (I'll also apologise here in advance for the great insults I'm likely to do by mutilating people's artworks!)

Comments & discussion:

Image 562480 Mitico Meschino
Wed 9th Apr, 2008

I think that your work should flatter the artists of draws that you used!!! many compliments to your idea.

Image 567273 Morgan Addie Hallmark
Fri 22nd Feb, 2008

yayy im elated to be included :D

Image 442328 Stacey Dirickson
Wed 13th Feb, 2008

What an awesome idea!

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