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Tue 5th Feb, 2008

I finally decided to go ahead with a large image, and I have to admit that it is much harder then it seems and its fairly slow going. The portrait is of Heath Ledger, and before you think im another over-the-top little teenager, well - im not :(

Heath was just a magnificant actor, a great aussie and I think he deserves a bit of presence in the OMM. Also he has just an amazing smile that seems to be contagious.

I have to come clean and amit that I am cheating, and im following from a reference vector artwork. This is my first EVER portrait for real and Im struggling a bit. --Therefore I figure that its OK this is not out of my brain (like my other artworks) However, I am enjoying a bit of a change and I am trying to start broadening my skills a little bit

So time for a bit of a life update for anyone that cares (also because i seem to enjoy talking about myselfSurprised)

On the 21st of February Im off to the Griffith University QLD college of Art (VERY EXCITING) I will be doing a Bachelor of Fine art and I will be able to choose a major in either painting, sculpture, printmaking, or jewellery making. The course will go for 3 years.

To make this even more scary, I also have to move away from home, not just in the same city, but Brisbane is a 7 hour drive away and I come from a small town, so its very daunting. However I do realise how incredibly lucky I am, not only to have an education but to have the chance to go to uni and study such amazing things. (thanks to the government paying - for nowSealed)

Ok so now im just rambling... so id better go before I get any worse. sorry for anyone who actually read ALL this. hehe, Shanny

Comments & discussion:

Image 1001548 Jo Vickers
Sat 16th Feb, 2008

It's looking good so far! And I wouldn't worry about "cheating"! The paintings you did do out of your head already demonstrate your imaginative ability and working from another image is a great way of testing your technical skills.

Uni sounds really exciting! Do you have an idea of what you'll specialise in? Keep us posted!

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